We offer Rentals for your convenience for men, women and children.

  • Hard Surfboards

  • Foam Surfboards

  • Bodyboards

  • Wetsuits

Surfers Code

  • Dont drop in

  • This means the person closest to the breaking wave has the right to ride it. Wait your turn in the lineup.

  • As a beginner, avoid the lineup until you are confident you can do controlled take-offs.

  • Paddle wide

  • Don’t paddle out to the line-up through the impact zone (where the waves are breaking and people are surfing) or where others are waiting to catch a wave.

  • When paddling out, a surfer riding the wave always has right of way. 

  • Communicate

  • When catching a wave let others know which way you are going.

  • Refrain from verbally abusing other surfers. 

  • Enjoy and repeat .


Wetsuit Brands in stock:

  • Quiksilver

  • Oneill

  • Xcel

  • Hurley

  • Roxy

Being active is fun and that includes functionality and fashion.

Brands we love to stock are in high demand by our clients.

  • Quiksilver

  • Roxy

  • Vans

  • Volcom

  • Reef

  • Body Glove Swim 

  • Freeline

  • Slowtide

  • Poncheau (Made Local)

  • Surf Rats (Made Local)

  • GoPro

  • DaFin

  • Dakine

  • Pura Vida

  • Rare Form

  • Tim Ward

  • Sex Wax

  • Larry Block

  • Oakley 

  • Dot Dash

  • Kreed/Crush

  • Futures

  • FCS

  • Captain Fin


Surfboards in stock shaped by:

  • John Mel

  • Hap Jacobs

  • Pat Taylor

  • Kalu Coletta

  • Channel Islands

  • Shark Eye

We also carry boards by:​

  • Global Surf

  • Catch Surf

  • StromBlade

Call to schedule an appointment for a custom shape by John Mel, Pat Taylor Surfboards. We also offer custom boards by Channel Islands Surfboards. 


& repairs

Whether you're a professional, amatuer or back yard shaper we have you covered. Resins, hardener, fiberglass cloth, fin boxes, fin rope, fin plugs and more. 

For professional repairs we suggest,



Located near beautiful Manresa State Beach.

See below for directions and call Felix for drop off times.